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Welcome to Mountainboard Serbia

Sports Association “ATB” from Novi Sad is an independent, voluntary, non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit sports organization, based on the freedom of association of several physical persons, established as a sports association for performing sports activities and activities in sports branches skiing and extreme sports, a common goal in the field of sport.

2019 Mountainboard World Boardercross Championship 6-7 September








The coordinates of the location of the event: https://goo.gl/maps/EGgCakCcNWQmkyye8


Club News

Work camp 2019 ATB Park Bukovac

About The Camp ATB working camp was created as a result of the work and efforts of the Sports Association "ATB" from Novi Sad. The goal of this one event is to raise awareness of the impact of sports on healthy life, preserving the environment, learning and creating a...

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Septembar 2018

 Septembar 2018. – IX “EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP”, Todor Jović takes golden medal, Senka Bajić took again gold medal.

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Upcoming Events

World mountainboard boardercross competition

Sep 06 th to Sep 07 th 2019…Details

About US

With so many successful years of organizing mountainboard competition in the past years, we are happy to announce this year’s World mountainboard boardercross challenge. Last year we celebrate 10 years of ATB Park Bukovac and this year we are opening new cycle of many successful event in future. With lot of new elements on the longest and fastest track in the world, we are ready to host best International mountainboard riders.

Upcoming League Games

Morning gymnastic, Running for warming up, Getting acquainted with protective equipment

Conquest of the first part of the track for the mountain skate

To overcome the position of the body when passing the curves and bench marks on the track

Exercise a balance, maintain a balance of driving

Tilting the cone, Archery, Military Polygon, Volleyball

Walking through forest paths

Reparation of a wooden bridge on the track

Conducting quality time in nature and learning children and adults to live in harmony with nature

The club employs educational and creative activities of adult and child training

Training for tent setting, Training camp fire camp, Training in the forests

Painting workshop – “Through the dragon” (installation)

Painting workshop – “Fruska Gora Mountains” (Painting)

Painting ecological boards

Serving Our Mountainboard Community Since 2008

In past 10 years, our club has been actively involved in organizing mountainboardind events in Serbia and promoting the same in other world countries. In past 10 years we successfully completed

Our Club Is Our Family

In past years we organized 2 Balkans competition, 4 European and 3 World Championship competition. World mountainboard boardercross competition will be held from September 06 th to September 07 th 2019. International riders will

Club Programs

In past years

we organized 2 Balkans competition, 4 European and 3 World competition. World mountainboard boardercross competition

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will be held from September 06 th to September 07 th 2019. International riders will gather in ATB Park Bukovac, Novi Sad, Serbia, to show their amazing skills in boardercross and freestyle jumps.

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The event will start

on Friday 06 September, with official training, which will take place throughout the day and will continue on Saturday at 14 pm, when the boardercross races for the final calculation will be held. Boardercross on the track is very attractive and exciting as it allows four boarders to compete at the same time.

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After the race

is finished, the freestyle contest will start, where the best mouintainbarders from different countries will show their skills on big jumps, pipes and various objects.

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Good music

Refreshment and positive vibes at the event will be provided. Upon completion of the competition day, an awards ceremony and a big party will follow.


During the duration of the camp, the participants will be guided by highly qualified trainers and professional mountain riders, teachers, professors and numerous volunteers. Also, professional ambulance personnel will be present for precautionary purposes.


Sports association “ATB” was founded in 2007. Since 2010, she has been actively organizing world competitions in the mountain skating area as well as the promotion of the sport itself through a series of cultural and sporting events.

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On this link you can see a short video from the World Ski Championships in September 2016