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Work camp 2019 ATB Park Bukovac

Work camp 2019 ATB Park Bukovac

About The Camp

ATB working camp was created as a result of the work and efforts of the Sports Association “ATB” from Novi Sad.

The goal of this one event is to raise awareness of the impact of sports on healthy life, preserving the environment, learning and creating a team spirit, developing motor skills and movement in nature.

The camp is intended for ages

from 15 to 25 years old .


The camp is held on the slopes of Fruška Gora in the ATB park near Bukovac.                                                           

The park itself is an oasis of peace and tranquility, where participants will have the opportunity to learn the techniques of driving a mountain skate, numerous preparatory exercises for the proper psycho-physical development, proper nutrition, but also they will be able to acquire certain skills and survival skills as well educate in the field of ecology and art.


During the duration of the camp, the participants will be guided by highly qualified trainers and professional mountain riders, teachers, professors and numerous volunteers. Also, professional ambulance personnel will be present for precautionary purposes..


The camps are divided into three groups, sports, recreational and educational. What comes under each of the activities can be seen below.

Within the framework of the realization of the “ATB Labor Camp” for 21.07.2019. The Athletic Association ATB performs one-day workshops

The workshop is conducted for 25 participants, lasting 7 hours and is based on interactive work with the aim of increasing knowledge in the field of extreme sports, ecology and art.

Education also opens the theme of the impact of sports on healthy life, creating team spirit and raising awareness of environmental issues.

Oktobar 2008

Oktobar 2008

Club News & Events

In past 10 years, our club has been actively involved in organizing mountainboardind events in Serbia and promoting the same in other world countries. In past 10 years we successfully completed:

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Latest Activities

  • Oktobar 2008.–  Club organizes first official race “BALKAN CHAMPIONSHIP” Septembar 2009. – II “BALKAN CHAMPIONSHIP”
  • Septembar 2010.– Club organizes first official “EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP” in SERBIA
  • Septembar 2011.– II “EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP”


Oktobar 2008

Oktobar 2008

Club News & Events In past 10 years, our club has been actively involved in organizing...

ATB Park Bukovac, Novi Sad, Serbia

ATB Park :  11 km from Novi Sad is little village called Bukovac. Village lies on the slopes of Fruška Gora, where is our beautiful track that is carved into the hearts of all international riders that visited our ATB Park.Surrounded by idylic nature, the track creates a comfortable atmosphere. The 700-meters long boardercross track takes you through a variety of different landscapes, technical roller sections, jumps and dusty curves. It is a 4-cross track: 4 riders can race simultaneously.Various objects: jumps, bridges, drops, curves … There is a nice mountainboard park at the track area where the freestyle competition will be held.

Latest events

  • Septembar 2013.– I “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” this was the first world competition that was held in mountainboard and the biggest. We hosted more than 20 countries all over the world.
  • Septembar 2014.– II “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP”
  • Our club organizes trip to Germany on the World championship, where our best girl rider, Senka Bajić, takes bronze medal in very hard competition, and Todor Jović, with his brilliant riding style becomes one of the serious players in this sport.

Latest Events

  • Septembar 2016.– IV “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP”
  • Our club organizes trip to many international competition, and the most important is World championship in Paris, where our members achieved significant results. Again our best girl rider Senka Bajić demonstrate her skills and took golden medal.
  • Septembar 2018. – IX “EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP”, Todor Jović takes golden medal, Senka Bajić took again gold medal.