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Septembar 2018

  •  Septembar 2018. – IX “EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP”, Todor Jović takes golden medal, Senka Bajić took again gold medal.

Septembar 2016

  • Septembar 2016. – IV “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP”
  • 2017. Our club organizes trip to many international competition, and the most important is World championship in Paris, where our members achieved significant results. Again our best girl rider Senka Bajić demonstrate her skills and took golden medal.

Septembar 2014

  • Septembar 2014. – II “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP”
  • 2015. Our club organizes trip to Germany on the World championship, where our best girl rider, Senka Bajić, takes bronze medal in very hard competition, and Todor Jović, with his brilliant riding style becomes one of the serious players in this sport.